Margaret Ross Workshop

The following are some of my notes from a Margaret Ross PLD workshop.


  • Restorative justice is not the same as a restorative learning environment. We should have a restorative environment every day to teach students to be responsible and manage themselves; restorative justice is a response to behaviour.
  • Don’t ask for “sorry” — let it be genuine if it’s going to happen.
  • Clean slate every day.
  • Restorative asks “who has the most power?” (looks at the big picture) – In Restorative, everyone must remain powerful.
  • Make sure to notice the middle-way students, those who don’t show good or bad behaviour, who blend into walls.
  • Proactive, not reactive.
  • Relationships are currency, earn it, spend it.
  • Consistency = being consistent with yourself too.
  • Clear boundaries: 3 R’s: relationship, routine, rules.
  • Glasser on Student Needs:
    • Survival — make sure students have access to food
    • Love and Belonging — make sure to give students attention proactively
    • Freedom — give students choice
    • Fun — challenge students, ZPD
    • Power — give leadership roles, give mana (no power may result in petty theft, graffiti etc.)
  • Use student names a lot.
  • Connect with student interests.