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Ordinary Saints is an Anglican collective of adults (~18-39) in the Diocese of Auckland. We are guided by four touchstones: Community, Formation, Action, and Creativity.



We seek to resource and empower adults (~18-39) as full participants in the life of the Church and society. We are located within the Diocese of Auckland in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, in all of its theological and liturgical breadth. This community is committed to being a safe space for all, across the full diversity of the Anglican Church; for those at the centre of the church, those on the margins, and anyone in between. This diversity includes the rainbow community and whānau (parents or caregivers with children).



We embrace the contemplative and sacramental rhythms of the Anglican tradition.
We seek to provide space for adults (~18-39) to engage with honest, open, and respectful discussion, to explore diverse theological concepts, and to gain an understanding of Anglican liturgy, practice, and identity. We are committed to offering pastoral support and the opportunity to engage with mystery; the reality that faith does not mean having all the answers.



We believe that the outworking of our faith exists contextually and is informed by our faith formation. It is grounded in a wider understanding of God and God’s work in the world. We affirm the deep interconnectedness between contemplation and action, and encounter this in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. We engage regularly in acts of social and ecological justice as a living out of the Gospel.



We stand in a tradition that draws upon art, symbol, and song to shape and express our identity as the body of Christ in the world. We celebrate the use of the arts, poetry, crafts, and music as mediums for story-telling, prophetic witness, and worship.

Ordinary Saints is an initiative of the Anglican Diocese of Auckland

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