I believe that education has the power to change our learners for the better, to support self-exploration of identity, and observation, analysis, and criticism of the world outside.

My passion for literature includes a range of genres and styles, though especial favourites are post-modern and PI poetry. I love Young Adult fiction, particularly a range of LGBTQ+ books, and other fiction that concerns liminality or fringe groups and themes. I believe it is of the utmost importance that our learners study not only themselves and the cultures of which they are a part, but also cultures and people that are learning with them and those with whom they will interact beyond school.

I am a published poet and regular music-maker, experienced with the technology required for both.

Both Music and English are very personal and creative learning areas, and I believe it’s important that they remain positive environments for self-identity and exploration. It is in my role as a teacher to not only facilitate learning, but also provide a workspace for investigating questions and statements of identity through narrative and process work. I enjoy helping young people learn the skills necessary to analyse texts and also, directly, real-life situations through various scopes or across different angles, supporting a healthy emotional intelligence, and inspiring them to discover the world and themselves in greater depth.